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The promise
of Attleboro

Three years ago, when I was running for my first term on the Municipal Council, I participated in a candidate forum in the library where I spoke about the promise of Attleboro.  I said that fulfilling our promise requires bringing more people and more businesses to the city and effectively providing city services for all. It means improving our infrastructure, efficiently utilizing our resources, supporting our kids in school, becoming an age-friendly community, and welcoming new and diverse residents.  


As we emerge from the Covid 19 pandemic there is much to be done to fulfill our promise. We confront evolving economic and educational challenges, civil unrest, mental and emotional trauma, and myriad other personal and public stressors. These challenges must be fully acknowledged and thoughtfully addressed if we hope to secure a prosperous, sustainable, and resilient city for ourselves and our children.  At the same time, Attleboro is a growing, diverse, and dynamic place to live. Our community values family, education, and economic opportunity. We respect and embrace our veterans, first-responders, and senior citizens. We welcome and support local businesses and have a strong network of caring volunteers and community organizations. We continue evolving from our rich manufacturing roots into a robust and thriving community. 

Why I'm running for Mayor

I moved to Attleboro almost 25 years ago. I was married here, became a mom here, and I work here. I am active in the community and a dedicated public servant. I have seen many positive changes in the city and, despite current challenges, I am relentlessly optimistic about our future.

To keep Attleboro moving forward into our best future we need a leader who listens and learns, a leader who puts people first, a leader who is authentic and whose values match her actions, a leader who takes responsibility when mistakes are made and knows when to ask for help, a leader who understands the value of compromise to get things done, and a leader who unites and strengthens our community by improving the quality of life for all residents.

Great cities do not happen by accident. They require collaboration, planning, and action. Fulfilling the promise of Attleboro will require effort from all of us, individually and collectively.    

Together we will constructively, thoughtfully, and boldly overcome post-pandemic challenges. We will increase and diversify our housing stock, improve and better maintain our roads and infrastructure, increase government efficiency, and take control of our waste disposal costs. We will continue making Attleboro a more environmentally resilient community and support our growing senior population by cultivating a multi-generational community that thrives together. We will work to ensure premium delivery of city services, and create welcoming and supportive opportunities for new and current local businesses. 

As mayor I will work with residents, city staff members, and other stakeholders to create  a road map to our best future by updating our Comprehensive Plan, Open Space and Recreation Plan, conducting a thorough Housing Needs Assessment, and implementing a citywide Business Climate Survey. The data received from these efforts will help us accurately assess our current situation and chart a clear our path to our best future.


I am running for Mayor of Attleboro because I want to live in a forward thinking community that is safe and vibrant and values all residents. We can do this together!

Cathleen DeSimone

We will move Attleboro forward - together.

About me

  • Attleboro City Councilor At-Large, 2nd term

  • Chair, Ordinance Committee

  • Director, Bridgewater State University Attleboro

  • Union Member, Assoc. for Professional Administrators

  • Member of Self-Sufficiency Coalition

  • Fmr. member of Be Heard community group

  • Organizing Member of Neighbors in Dialogue 

  • Attleboro Moving Wall Steering Committee member

  • Member, Sturdy Memorial Foundation

  • Fmr. Adult Ed. Director, BCC Attleboro

  • Fmr. ESL teacher, The Literacy Center

  • Fmr. Trustee Attleboro Public Library

  • Fmr. Trial Attorney for U.S Immigration Service

  • Married with 2 kids & too many pets

  • Education: J.D., M. Ed., BA


ISSUES:  If it matters to you it matters to me.  

Housing: homes are the foundation of a community. Although Attleboro has many beautiful neighborhoods and housing developments, we must have more housing options across a wider spectrum income levels. Average home prices are quickly soaring out of reach for young families, and many seniors, low-income residents, and veterans cannot afford the increases in property taxes and rents associated with increased property evaluations.  In order to help protect  and provide housing  for our veterans, seniors, mobile home park residents, and low- to moderate-income residents I co-sponsored and support changes to our city ordinances to allow accessory apartments,  adopt inclusionary zoning policies, and prohibit mobile home parks from being redeveloped into subdivisions.  Additional opportunity may be found in gentle density increases and developing and cultivating public-private partnerships for housing development.  

Roads & infrastructure: maintaining our streets and sidewalks is important for safety, adds to our quality of life, and helps keep people connected. Regular maintenance costs less than constant repair.  As Mayor I would support the city joining the Commonwealth's Complete Streets program which could lead to funding assistance for road construction costs and improvements. Nothing is more important than our water supply. Efficient and well-functioning water and waste water systems are vital for our quality of life, water conservation, and cost control.   We must plan for regular maintenance for our water and waste water systems to ensure proper health and safety standards are satisfied, minimize system failures, and avoid expensive repairs.  

Waste disposal: controlling costs is imperative as waste disposal service fees are increasing locally and globally. Through education and outreach we must focus on reducing waste generally and decreasing food waste specifically, and increasing revenues at the city recycling center.  Our new mattress disposal and textile recycling programs are great examples of waste and cost reducing efforts. I will also work toward a cost-effective and fair waste management contract, and explore a food waste collection/composting program at all public schools and potentially for all residents and small restaurants.

Environmental sustainability and resilience:  as we face increasing and longer periods of droughts, flooding, and related impacts, we must continue our efforts as a green community, encourage sustainable development, and become more resilient.  We need a coordinated strategy for preserving our parks and open spaces and protecting our wetlands and water resources.  We must pursue and plan for more alternative energy sources for our municipal properties to become energy independent, including adding solar panels to municipal building roofs and exploring the development of micro-grids. With memories of the recent drought still fresh in our minds we must work to reduce our water consumption. Regularly detecting and eliminating large and small system water leaks, minimizing the use of impervious surfaces, and encouraging more drought resistant trees and plantings in new residential and commercial developments would greatly help in this effort. 

Senior residents: planning for the well-being of our growing and active senior population is imperative. We need more space for people, programs, and parking but we also need a plan for more community partnerships, pedestrian-friendly walkways, health services, and cultivating a multi-generational community. I will support efforts for Attleboro to become an Age Friendly Community to ensure we are better serving residents of all ages now and in the future. 

Veterans: honoring our veterans and active service members is always important and is a proud part of our community character. I will work with our Veterans Department to ensure our veterans are always welcomed, supported, and honored.  I will also support the formation of a task force to explore the creation of a memorial to those who served in the War on Terror. 

Municipal services & government efficiency:  we need an in-depth analysis of our current staffing levels, department functions, and costs of service to ensure the most efficient and best use of public funds.  To this end, I have co-sponsored a request for a thorough review of the city job classification plan and pay scale and recruitment and hiring practices; requested that all city fees for services be publicly posted and reviewed on a regular basis, called for a city wide cost-study, and requested the administration develop a policy for free cash and stablization funds.  If elected mayor I will budget to revise the city website to allow for more online transactions and better communication with residents, create a facilities maintenance staff to minimize costly repairs and extend the useful life of city buildings, and request funds for city department efficiency studies.


Economic development: cultivating a welcoming and supportive environment for current and new businesses can best be accomplished by minimizing obstacles and increasing collaboration.  We need a brand and a marketing plan to better motivate new businesses to open in the city. If elected I will also work with the Chamber of Commerce to conduct a business climate survey to get a better picture of the number, type, size, ownership, staffing, opportunities, and challenges facing our local businesses.  This information is vital for planning, marketing, programming, and assisting businesses to open up shop in Attleboro, to stay in Attleboro, and to succeed in Attleboro.  

Schools & education: ensuring properly funded schools to avoid layoffs and offering all students a 21st century education is good for Attleboro and good for our country.  I will support efforts to establish the new high school as an educational hub that serves all residents by providing learning opportunities for employment advancement, personal enrichment, & community connection.  I will also work to ensure that every school is safe, clean, accessible, and welcoming for all of our children.    

Public safety: attracting and retaining well trained public safety professionals is imperative to their safety and the safety of every resident.  We need a coordinated recruitment and retention strategy, competitive wages, and training programs for all of our first responders.  I would also work toward expanding the Traffic Unit to reduce speeding and make our roads safer, and explore improvements or renovations to our police and fired department buildings to maximize municipal resources and ensure emergency services are always provided in a safe, timely, and efficient manner.      


My values

  • People First

  • Fairness

  • Inclusion

  • Integrity & Transparency

  • Collaboration & Compromise

  • Kindness & Respect

  • Data & Reason

Donate & Volunteer
Please consider donating by cash or check payable to the Committee to Elect Cathleen DeSimone
P.O. Box 2221
Attleboro MA 02703




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